Moonbat Cuisine

Moonbat Cuisine

Moonbats live in their own world, so it should come as no surprise that they have their own cuisine. A food blogger at Cosmopolitan describes how he cooked his wife’s placenta:

My mom simmered water in a pot. Into it went slices of placenta (about 2 ounces), freshly cut ginger to warm and soothe the body, a pinch of salt, a drizzle of sesame oil for more flavor, and rice wine. Once the placenta changed color from dark red to dark brown, the soup was done.

How did it taste?

It was like beef, only very delicate; soft notes that suitably matched its gentle textures.

Yum yum.

There are other ways to eat afterbirth, including

topping bits of it on pizza or working it into bolognese sauce — both recipes I’d read online back in 2006. Lots of women like to toss a frozen chunk of placenta into a fruit smoothie. Some chefs I talked to suggested that I make placenta polenta. Another fine dining chef said to create a charcuterie item.

Visit Women’s Health for a list of placenta recipes.

A suitable side dish with placenta is bread made using a feminist’s vaginal yeast.

If it’s disgusting, moonbats will embrace it and possibly even eat it. Given time, they will mandate it.

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