Democrat Candidate ARRESTED In Disturbing New Sex Scandal [VIDEO]

Democrat Candidate ARRESTED In Disturbing New Sex Scandal [VIDEO]

David Alcon is a Democrat Congressman in New Mexico. He s running for the state’s open District 2 Congressional Seat. Two weeks ago, an arrest warrant was issued out of Santa Fe in his name, but the police could not find him. They found him at an Albuquerque apartment complex. Now, he’s behind bars for allegedly stalking a woman in Santa Fe. He was arrested on November 10th after he stalked this woman he met at a Halloween party for several days. He was busted after he texted her photos of his genitals and told her he was outside of her apartment. Creepy and sick.

On October 28th at a hotel in Santa Fe, this woman said she started receiving texts from Alcon and he wouldn’t stop. It’s also being claimed that he was watching and stalking her. He texted that he was in love with her and then sent her the pics of his junk. He told her she had better not leave. They’ve known each other for about ten years, but he’s never acted like this before. She told him she didn’t want anything to do with him and she repeatedly told him to leave her alone. This guy is disturbed. He didn’t turn himself in, he made police hunt him down and take him into custody. There goes his political career and that’s a good thing.

Albuquerque Police were called to the Villa De San Felipe Apartments for a welfare check around 3:30 p.m. on the 10th. APD did not elaborate on what happened when they got to the scene, just that Alcon was arrested. He’s also not facing any new charges out of Albuquerque, according to jail records. According to records, Alson lives in Milan, New Mexico. They have no idea why he was at that apartment complex. This guy is a political consultant and he has a drinking problem. He’s the son of a former state legislator

The kicker here is that Alcon was previously convicted of stalking a woman in 2007. He was convicted nearly 10 years ago of trespassing and aggravated stalking. Prosecutors said he broke into his girlfriend’s home in 2007, then continued to show up at her house late at night, left her notes, flowers and harassing messages, and drove past her home. This guy shouldn’t even be running for office. Didn’t anyone look into his background at all? I know things are hippy dippy in New Mexico these days, but come on! Alcon is one of several Democrats seeking the nomination in the 2nd Congressional District, which covers most of southern New Mexico. Right now, his campaign has no comment. That’s probably for the best considering their candidate’s actions.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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