Major Sexual Harassment Scandal Rocks DC

Major Sexual Harassment Scandal Rocks DC

You just knew that the Hollywood Sex Trials would come to DC. But many of the women there that are now starting to accuse men seem to be Democrats. Many of them are less than photogenic. However, we all know there has been a ‘sex’ problem on Capitol Hill forever, so who knows. Usually, it’s pages or interns that we hear about and not sitting Senators or Representatives. The women on The Hill are saying the problem is sooo bad, they are keeping a “creep list” of men who are notorious for inappropriate behavior. Yet another reason to stay out of politics folks. Gross.

CNN is running with a new report that is highlighting sexual harassment in DC’s swamp. There are powerful men on both sides of the political aisle preying on women and probably men too. Think House of Cards. They spoke with over 50 current and former lawmakers there, as well as aides and staff who have personally experienced sexual harassment on The Hill or know people who have. While some may just be seeking attention, you can bet that many have indeed been the subject of harassment. It’s part of DC and it should not be allowed.

According to these women, you have to be extra careful of the guys who sleep in their offices. Take care to not be alone with a Congressman or Senator in an elevator, late-night meetings or dinners, especially where there is alcohol. People should know these rules to begin with. There is a reason that you should never be in a room alone with someone else when you are high-profile. Many of these people know that if they speak out about sexual harassment from their bosses, they will be fired. But again, how much is that job worth?

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The “creep list” is an informal roster passed along by word-of-mouth, consisting of the male members most notorious for inappropriate behavior, ranging from making sexually suggestive comments or gestures, to seeking physical relations with younger employees and interns. I guess elevators are especially bad and they are where many ‘incidents’ occur. Exactly who is on the list? CNN has it. More than half a dozen interviewees independently named one California Congressman for pursuing female staffers; another half dozen pointed to a Texas Congressman for engaging in inappropriate behavior. CNN is not naming either of those lawmakers because the stories are unverified. Gee, they didn’t give Judge Roy Moore the benefit of the doubt like that, now did they? Let that sink in.

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