He Received an Extremely Gross Surprise in His Premade Salad From Costco

He Received an Extremely Gross Surprise in His Premade Salad From Costco

The convenience of premade salad is something that a lot of people enjoy. But one man was shocked when he saw a locust crawling around in his Costco salad.

ian lovejoy

From the Daily Mail:

A pensioner was horrified to discover a live locust crawling and defecating in his pre-mixed salad from Costco.

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Ian Lovejoy, 78, bought the Florette Baby Leaf salad for £1 from the wholesale centre in Reading, Berkshire.

He was nearly sick when he saw the three-inch Egyptian desert bug on his plate, knowing that he and his wife Ruth had eaten half of the packet the night before.

Mr Lovejoy, from Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, described the incident as ‘something from the bible’.

He said: ‘It began crawling around and defecating copiously – it was disgusting’ he said today.

‘I’ve never seen anything like it in my life. I could probably have coped if it was something small like an ant, but this was more like something from the Bible.

‘It’s horrible to think about that now because it poo-ed everywhere and we were left wondering what we’d eaten (the night before).’

Mr Lovejoy insists he has been put off pre-packed salad for life following the incident.

He put the locust in a container and handed it in to Costco, along with the salad leaves.

Costco should be grateful that all he asked for was for his account to be credited for the cost of the salad. There are a lot of people out there who would be all too happy to sue!

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