Why We Don’t Let Babies Make Life Choices Explained In One Meme [VIDEO]

Why We Don’t Let Babies Make Life Choices Explained In One Meme [VIDEO]

This is why babies will never be making the choices that grownups do. They just don’t know any better.

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Via David McIntosh:

There is plenty of crazy going around the nation these days. From the transgender capitulations on restrooms, to snowflake, social justice wienies demanding safe spaces, and trigger warnings. We certainly have a lot on our plate.

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So why not add a bit of trans-doggy-gender to the mix!


First, gay marriage was recognized by all 50 states thanks to the Supreme Court, but uou just know something even more outrageous will be legalized next.

Might it be humans who identify as dogs?

Gays and transgenders are undoubtedly mentally disturbed, but people who want to be animals are in a whole other category.

Are these people sane enough to walk, uh, crawl around in public? There is a difference between pretending to be a dog and actually identifying as one. One is just plain weird, the other is mentally unstable.

I can hear it now, “you’re discriminating against these man-puppies with your hate, you bastard!”…to you people, I say good luck. Life isn’t too kind to cretins and I should wish you the best trying to navigate through it.

But as for me, I won’t be suspending logic anytime soon and will continue to call it as I see it. Demented.


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