Six Year Old Boy Mauled By THIS Wild Animal Walking to School, When Good Samaritan Does THIS

Six Year Old Boy Mauled By THIS Wild Animal Walking to School, When Good Samaritan Does THIS

You never think that walking your child to school will end in a life-and-death battle against a wild animal. But that’s exactly what happened when a raccoon mauled Aryan Gavali, who would have died if a quick-thinking neighbor hadn’t come to his aid.

aryan gavali

A six-year-old New Jersey boy was mauled by a raccoon while walking to school with his mother, who said her son could have died if it weren’t for a heroic neighbor who came to his rescue.

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Aryan Gavali had to get nine stitches on his face after the vicious animal attack that took place in Elmwood Park Wednesday morning.

The child was on his way to the 16th Avenue Elementary School with his mother, Monali Gavali, when a large raccoon attacked him from behind and proceeded to bite and scratch him in the face.

‘Within a second, he screamed, “Mommy,” then I turn around and saw that he was on the ground… something was there, something was on his back,’ Ms Gavali described the incident to NBC New York.

Elmwood Park resident Danny Walls was getting ready for work when he heard the mother screaming for help outside his window.

Seeing the massive racoon clawing at Aryan’s face, the quick-thinking Good Samaritan grabbed a painter’s pole from his car and started beating the varmint until it let go of the child and died.

Walls described a harrowing scene in the wake of the attack, with little Aryan screaming in terror and blood streaming from his wounds.

‘He had rips on his face,’ Danny’s wife, Diana Walls said of the grade-schooler. ‘Not just cuts, rips.’

After profusely thanking the fearless neighbor for saving her son’s life, Monali Gavali rushed Aryan to Hackensack Medical Center to be treated for his injuries.

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