Surgeons Remove Three Inch Parasitic Worm From 11-Year-Old’s Brain After Discovering it Had Been Moving Around in His Skull

Imagine finding out that there was a parasitic worm crawling around in your brain — it’s the stuff of nightmares. And for one father, that nightmare became a reality when Chinese surgeons discovered that his son had a three inch parasitic worm in his brain.


Liang Liao had been repeatedly complaining of headaches and started to suffer seizures and was taken to the Xinhua Hospital in Shanghai, eastern China.

After being admitted, surgeons started tests and carried out x-rays.

It was then that they discovered the live parasite, which measured 8cm, moving around inside the boy’s skull and they immediately operated to remove it.

His father Liang Chao said that his son had always been buying snacks from street traders and rarely ate home cooked meals.

He added that he suspects that it was the street food, which was contaminated and caused the infection.

… Doctors eventually identified the parasite as a sparganosis, which can occur in humans who consume infected meat from frogs, snakes or other small mammals that have not been properly cooked.

Liang will probably be a little more careful about what he eats in the future. And for those visiting China, the message is clear: don’t eat the street food!

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