Mother, 24, ‘abused and starved her three-year-old twins so badly that one weighed less than 15lbs’ the other with ‘fractured jaw’

Some people just shouldn’t be parents. Courtney Lynn Stewart is a perfect example, recently arrested when authorities discovered her three-year-old twins shockingly abused and malnourished.

courtney lynn stewart

A 24-year-old mother starved and abused her three-year-old twin sons, leaving one so malnourished that he weighed less than 15 pounds, authorities have said.

Courtney Lynn Stewart’s other son was also found to be badly malnourished and with a fractured jaw when police went to her Murietta, California home, they said on Wednesday.

Authorities began investigating the young mother after the Rancho Springs Hospital contacted police when one of the boys was taken to the hospital in critical condition on November 7.

Staff said the boy weighed less than 15 pounds and had suspicious bruises over his body.

The youngster was rushed to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, where he remains in critical condition, officials said

Investigators then visited Stewart’s home and found the boy’s twin brother, who was severely malnourished.

He had been medically neglected and had a fractured jaw, police said.

He was also taken to hospital for treatment and is now under the care of Riverside County Child Protective Services.

Stewart couldn’t find the time to take care of her kids, but she was able to keep her hair dyed, her eyebrows plucked, and her eyes made up. Hey, priorities — some people have them, others not so much.

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