Teenager Selling Her Virginity To Help Struggling Parents Out – Just Got SHOCKING Offer [VIDEO]

Teenager Selling Her Virginity To Help Struggling Parents Out – Just Got SHOCKING Offer [VIDEO]

A tragic case out of Romania is garnering international headlines. Aleexandra Khefren is an 18 year-old girl whose parents don’t have a lot of money. In an effort to help them out, as well as get more opportunities for herself, she’s auctioning off her virginity for one million euros.


Khefren works for “Cinderella Escorts” in Germany and hopes to become a model. She’s been posting pictures of herself on Instagram in lingerie and various states of undress to promote her auction. She also explained her decision in broken English. “I was already waiting till I become 18 so I finally could sell my Virginity. Money gives you a lot of opportunitys. I can travel around the world, study in a good University and my parents are poor, I can buy them a house. There are so many options and I want to use them now where I am young,” she wrote. “A lot of girls giving their Virginity for nothing to a man who leave her after most times. Thats not worth it. So I want to use my Virginity for something that its worth it. Something that will create a better future for me. And I think the money for this auction can give me definitely a better life.”

So far, her auction is successful. The bidding has reached over $2 million, although the agency she works for will take 20% of whatever she makes. Once the winner is chosen and payment has been made, the agency will arrange a date, purchase a hotel room for the two of them and the winner can even have a doctor “verify” that Khefren is a virgin if they want.

Strangely, Khefren said that she was inspired by a movie. “I saw a movie on TV about a girl who sold herself for $1 million a night and I thought that maybe I could do that with my virginity,” she explained. “And I looked it up on the internet and saw very many girls who sold themselves for millions.”

But while she says that she wanted to do this in part for her parents, they are not happy with her plan at all. Her father, a Romanian police officer and her mother are both mortified. “They have begged her not to do it, but she told them, ‘I’m 18 and I can do what I like with my body.'” her uncle said. “They have threatened her and said if she goes ahead with selling herself they will not consider her their daughter any more. It is a terrible situation. Her mother was in tears and it was a terrible atmosphere. Just awful. I tried to be the peacemaker and to see both sides, but they are very angry.”

Still, Khefren refuses to back down. And while she might be richer for selling herself on a platter, she should perhaps stop and ask herself if money is really worth losing her dignity, her integrity, her family… if it’s really that important. And when the money is gone, will she look back and still think it was worth it? That money won’t last forever. And it certainly won’t bring her lasting fame and fortune. It’s despicable that this agency is willing to exploit a vulnerable and desperate girl.

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