Surprise: Two Teens Charged With Setting Gatlinburg Wildfire

Surprise: Two Teens Charged With Setting Gatlinburg Wildfire

There’s a reason for the “surprise” in the headline. We’ll get to that in a moment in this discussion where 14 people died, 175 were injured, and thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed

(CNN) Two juveniles face charges of aggravated arson in connection with a deadly Tennessee wildfire that began in late November and spread to Gatlinburg, Tennessee, according to Mark Gwyn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Additional charges are being considered, 4th District Attorney General James Dunn said, including the possibility of seeking a transfer to adult criminal court.

He said the youths were from Tennessee, but not from Sevier County, where the fires started. Neither their ages nor genders were released.

The fire itself is reportedly 82% contained (NY Mag claims 64%), and over 17,000 acres have been burned. So, why the “surprise”? Remember this post from November 30th

Surprise: Climate Ghouls Blame Tennessee Fire On ‘Climate Change’

The Tennessee wildfires have killed at least three and forced over 14,000 out of their homes, destroying over 250 buildings. The cause of the blaze is unknown. Except to the Climate Ghouls, Warmists who take advantage of everything bad that happens to push their cultish beliefs

I then went on to highlight numerous articles and tweets from the Climate Ghouls who blamed/linked the fire to ‘climate change’. George Soros’ Think Progress was blaming climate change on December 1st. And there’s plenty more where that came from. Plenty. Here’s Cult of Climastrology high priest Bill McKibben

I’ve asked him if he has any response now that we know it’s arson. I’m more likely to get blocked. And we get idiocy like this

No, arson. Spell it with me, Warmists, A R S O N. Of course, what the Climate Ghouls will say now is that the wildfires were made worse by anthropogenic climate change. Because that’s what they do. Anything for their cult.

Will any Warmists retract their insanity? Of course not.

Teach climateghouls

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