Man Accidentally Runs Into PENCE At WWII Memorial – Learns Why Pence Is Keeping His Visit A SECRET!

Man Accidentally Runs Into PENCE At WWII Memorial – Learns Why Pence Is Keeping His Visit A SECRET!

Wednesday was the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and politicians around the country made sure to let their tribute to those who died be known. But Mike Pence, strangely, kept quiet about his plans… and this is why.


The World War II Memorial was surrounded by police and Secret Service vehicles Wednesday, even though there was no VIP scheduled to attend the Pearl Harbor Day memorial service. But while security was heavy, the memorial remained open, with around 100 people present. So what necessitated so many police and Secret Service agents?

Vice President-elect Mike Pence was there. He was sitting with Senator John McCain, as well as World War II veterans. It’s not surprising that Pence would be there. But why all the secrecy? According to a top Pence official, it was because Pence didn’t want to be a distraction and take attention away from the World War II veterans present. So, he asked to be kept off of the official schedule. They said he just wanted to be able to sit in the audience without being recognized. “He wanted his presence to be a gesture of respect to the veterans in attendance,” the source said. “If the event was placed on the Vice President-elect’s official schedule, Secret Service would have had to lockdown the entire area, subjecting the veterans in attendance, some in wheelchairs, to metal detectors and other invasive security procedures.”

A National Park Service employee admitted that even they didn’t know Pence was planning to attend. “We had no idea [Pence] was attending until the Secret Service showed up. We were saying, ‘Who the on earth is that?’ Oh, it’s the Vice President.”

Pence laid a wreath to honor those who died in World War II after the ceremony was over and then when Taps was finished, he left and went back to New York — no fanfare, no extra attention… ensuring that the ceremony remained focused on the right people.

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