Thousands At Music Festival ‘From Hell’ Stranded Overnight With ‘Overflowing Toilets’, Claims Of Sexual Assault And Mud-Bath Camping Grounds That Left Them Sleeping On Top Of Cars

Thousands At Music Festival ‘From Hell’ Stranded Overnight With ‘Overflowing Toilets’, Claims Of Sexual Assault And Mud-Bath Camping Grounds That Left Them Sleeping On Top Of Cars

Thousands of festival-goers were left stranded at TomorrowWorld and forced to sleep on top of cars and on wet and muddy grass. As if this wasn’t enough, some were even sexually assaulted. Can anyone else see a class action suit on the horizon?

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Organizers of the event offered refunds for Sunday’s ticketholders as the bad weather made the last day of the three-day electronic dance music festival inaccessible.

But those who tried to leave after Saturday night’s closing set were left waiting in the rain for hours as poor planning led to traffic congestion around the festival site in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia.

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The festival was only accessible to visitors in the DreamVille on-site camping area after heavy rain hampered the event’s parking fields, drop-off locations and shuttle bus system.

According to, people were unable to escape the 8,000-acre site because organizers prevented cabs, Uber cars, and shuttle buses from approaching pick-up locations.

Poor preparation by organizers meant those who were not camping on site were left with no food, water or shelter.

Many took to Facebook and Twitter to report their nightmarish experience as they were left with no other options but to walk miles to find another means of transport or sleep in the muddy fields.

There were also allegations on social media that girls who were left stranded on the side of the road were sexually assaulted.

Chattahoochee Hills police and TomorrowWorld organizers did not immediately respond to requests for comment on the alleged attacks.

One Twitter user said: ‘@TomorrowWorld Nice going charging VIP price and offering the homeless experience. Thousands of people sleeping on the road. #NotMagical’

Another added: ‘People of @TomorrowWorld stranded sitting for hours waiting for shuttles/uber some even sleeping in the mud.’

Some posted pictures and memes of the hellish situation to a Facebook group that sprung up in light of the problems, called ‘TomorrowWorld 2015 Sucks’.

Sarah Gray said: ‘I saw golf carts flipped over, others trying to push wheelchairs through the mud, people throwing up, and much more.
She added: ‘Worst experience ever.’

But some didn’t let the conditions stop them from enjoying the festival.

Chad Hamlin wrote on the Facebook page: ‘I had a hell of a time. I survived the drenched tents, wet sleeping bags, mud, muck, ponchos and terrible port a johns.

‘BUT, I made the best of it, raved on and was thankful for the fact that the rain stopped on Friday and Saturday. That said, I was fortunate not to have to deal with the disastrous shuttles, etc.’

The festival was expected to attract 180,000 visitors but only around 40,000 campers remained on the grounds to watch the last day’s performances, Mashable reported.

TomorrowWorld organizers said Sunday tickets will be refunded entirely and automatically, including service, shipping and payment fees, AP reported.

Single-day tickets cost $145, according to TomorrowWorld’s website.

Yea, I would be pissed if this happened to me, and livid if it happened to my children. This is sick and wrong. If you’re planning something like this, have a contingency plan for the masses, folks. It shouldn’t EVER be like this.

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