Name-Calling = Rape, According To Our Stupid Social Justice Warrior Of The Day

This is guaranteed to make your head hurt. This is Pooja Relan, who is a feminist Social Justice Warrior and not a particularly smart one.

This video is getting all kinds of play and praise from the left. This woman claims that her family raped her.

Except, she doesn’t mean actual rape in the way you and I and most people with half a brain understand “rape.”

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Steven Crowder describes this perfectly…

This is exactly the kind of SJW, sensationalist crap I’ve been railing against since the debunking of Lena Dunham’s fake rape story. In their constant attempt at politicizing rape, leftists have done a great disservice to actual rape victims across the world.

True. By making a caricature of themselves as screaming babies, the Social Justice Left has cheapened the very causes it takes up. But that doesn’t seem particularly problematic for them. After all, solving the problems they purport to be attempting to solve would be a disaster – they’d have to get real jobs then.

As of our last check, the video had 29 thumbs-up on YouTube.

And 1,207 thumbs-down. At least the public gets it.

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