VIDEO: $60,000-a-Year Benefits Mother-of-12 Refuses to Apologize for Wanting Another Child

VIDEO: $60,000-a-Year Benefits Mother-of-12 Refuses to Apologize for Wanting Another Child

There’s nothing wrong with having a big family with lots of children. But is it OK for a woman with 12 children to have more, even when she’s taking $60,000 a year in benefits?

cheryl prudham

From the Daily Mail:

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A mother-of-12 who claims £40,000 a year in handouts says she has nothing to apologise for after coming under fire for announcing she is hunting for a sperm donor for a 13th child.

Cheryl Prudham, 33, from Skelmersdale, Lanchashire, left This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield stunned when she appeared on the show this morning to say she wasn’t sorry for working the benefits system.

When Phillip questioned her ‘unapologetic’ attitude, Miss Prudham said: ‘I’ve got nothing to be sorry for.’

But the presenters struggled to keep their cool as Miss Prudham boasted about her family holiday to Majorca, her designer Mulberry handbag and plans for a boob job – all funded by the taxpayer.

Holly, who became increasingly agitated with Miss Prudham during the interview, said: ‘I would struggle to sleep at night’.

She then highlighted the plight of people who struggle to receive the benefits they deserve, giving the example of young children looking after disabled parents.

… Miss Prudham, who works 16 hours a week as a cleaner to avoid the the £26,000 benefit cap admitted: ‘To be honest I don’t have the time to work those 16 hours with 12 kids, but I have to do it to avoid benefit cap.

‘I don’t make up the rules and I’m not the government and I’m not saying you can have so much in benefits. But if that’s what they’re giving me, obviously I’m going to take it,’ she said.

When questioned about the Mulberry handbag she owns and the breast enlargement operation she is planning for, she said: ‘I’ve had no cosmetic surgery but a boob job is what I’d really love to have. The Mulberry bag was for Mother’s Day.’

‘Lots of women out there have boob jobs,’ she added.

She also discussed wanting to conceive her 13th child using taxpayer funded artificial insemination, and admits she is ‘addicted’ to having babies.

‘I’m addicted to having babies. Now that Tilly is nearly a year old I am broody,’ she said

When Phillip asked if there was a limit to the number of children she wanted she simply replied: ‘No’.

‘I don’t care what men think. I’m not interested in men at all. I would love a sperm donor.

‘I literally want a jar. None of the fathers pay for their children anyway so I might as well have a sperm donor.

‘I want another baby but not another man in my life and I’ve had offers as well.’

Admitting she would welcome the extra child benefits she would receive, she said: ‘I don’t see it as an extra income source but if the government are going to give extra benefits I’ll take them.

‘I can see why people who work 40 or 50 hours a week do get annoyed but I don’t get care.’

Explaining why she is no longer wants a man in her life she said of her relationship with ex husband Rob: ‘It was a very abusive relationship, he was walking in and out of our lives.’

But in a statement, read out by Phillip Schofield on the show, Rob said: ‘She is off her head. I deny that’s the case.’

Miss Prudham added: ‘It’s much better. It’s much better me and the kids are much happier. I am going out working part time and doing my bit a well.’

The entire situation is just sad — clearly, this is a woman who isn’t entirely well. Hopefully, she’ll come to her senses and stop having children until she’s able to support them herself.

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