Woman Who Told Ex-Boyfriend She Would Ruin His Life And Then Lied To Cops Is Jailed For 15 Months

Woman Who Told Ex-Boyfriend She Would Ruin His Life And Then Lied To Cops Is Jailed For 15 Months

Assault and sexual assault are terrible things. Those guilty of such crimes should be punished. However, in the age of political correctness, it has become inflammatory to note a simple reality: some (not all) women (and men) make-up allegations out of revenge. One such woman is now going to jail for her attempt to ruin her ex-boyfriend’s life.

From the Daily Mail:

A university student who lied to police about being strangled and beaten by her ex-boyfriend and even convinced a judge to grant a non-molestation order against him, was jailed today.

Natasha Uttamsingh, 22, had threatened to ruin Aakash Andrews’s career and called police claiming he had beaten her after he told her he thought they should break up.

Mr Andrews was arrested and removed from the flat they shared but detectives realised Uttamsingh had lied when they found a message on her phone which she had sent to herself from Mr Andrews’s mobile saying he raped her.

The single mother, who was part way through a midwifery course, also altered a medical exam form in which she had claimed police needed to investigate the made up attack.

She then took out a non-molestation order against her Mr Andrews and changed a contact in her phone to his name to make it appear as if he had called her 25 times.

She was today jailed for 15 months after she admitted carrying out acts intended to pervert the course of justice and was told to abide by a restraining order on her ex-partner for five years.

Prosecuting Tony Prosser, prosecuting, told Guildford Crown Court: ‘The relationship was experiencing problems and Aakash had said that he wanted to end it.

‘When he suggested finishing it she told him she was pregnant. He said he wanted to go away for a few days. She stood in front of him and said she would report him for domestic assault if he were to try to leave her.

‘A call was made to the police, it was reported to come from a Nicola Smith which was the defendant using a false name.

‘She then made an allegation he had strangled her to the point of unconsciousness and that she was assaulted on a daily basis.

‘The next day she said she had been the subject to rape.’

Uttamsingh was seen by a specialist doctor who noted that she had a red mark on her neck. It was claimed Mr Andrews had pushed her during the explosive row but there was nothing on the report to suggest she had been raped or beaten.

However, months later, she took the report and altered it herself to suggest that police needed to investigate the matter and took out a non-molestation order against Aakash, who is nearly twice her age.

Michael Hillman, mitigating, claimed Uttamsingh had a personality disorder and her crimes had scuppered her prospects of becoming a midwife

‘She maintains that she was the victim of abuse but she has to acknowledge that as a result of her own conduct one will never know whether that was indeed a true complaint given the lies and the very significant lies that followed that allegation,’ he said.

‘This is a girl who did extremely well. She got very good grades at school and was a top of the class student who started a degree in midwifery.’

Uttamsingh showed no emotion as she was jailed and ordered not to approach Mr Andrews, his mother or his known friends for at least five years.

Sentencing, Judge Christopher Critchlow, said: ‘There was a false message put on his phone by you suggesting it was sent by him which indicated that he had raped you, all of which was false.

‘You altered medical records from a doctor which was put before the family court in support of an application by you for a non-molestation order what you obtained. He was able to go before the court and show it should not have been made and it was receded.

‘Then you produced false phone records on your noble implying harassment by him [Mr Andrews].

‘This was all an apparent charade.

‘You have tried to influence a court by dishonestly altering medical records and tried to bring problems into Aakash Andrews’ life and you have succeeded in doing that.’

Uttamsingh’s mother, who sat at the back of the courtroom throughout the hearing cried as she was taken away from the dock to begin her sentence.

No, we should not dismiss any claims because some people make-up allegations. However, if we are to be a fair society, we cannot punish based on accusations alone.

Unfortunately, we live in a society where the need to be a crusader appears to some to be more important than doing what’s right. We’re tempted to leap to action when we hear of a woman claiming to have been raped or beaten – it’s only natural.

However, we must be careful in these situations and explore the facts surrounding the case. Take it seriously, but take it objectively.

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