Here’s A Crazy Woman Who Is Actually EATING HER ARMCHAIR

Yeah, this is gross. And crazy.

And did we mention gross?

A mother-of-one who developed cravings for sponge during her pregnancy has spoken out about her unusual addiction to foam.

Vicky Cullen, 28, not only eats the padding in her own armchair but buys washing-up sponges to snack on and likes to add foam to her recipes when cooking.

The single mother from Wakefield, South Yorkshire, estimated she has eaten her way through 2000 sponges since she developed the obsession when she was five-months pregnant with her daughter Olivia, now five.

Vicky, who has been diagnosed with pica, an eating disorder which means adults ingest non-nutritive substances, said: ‘It’s weird to tell people I have eaten a sofa chair and to hide their foam cushions when I visit.

‘I’ve only just started revealing the extent of my cravings to friends and family because of a commitment to help make people more aware of the problem.’

Vicky’s mainly snacks on a large armchair in her living room: ‘It’s a single yellow and white-coloured chair and I particularly like jam or Nutella on the foam pieces. In the morning I like to dip them in orange juice.’

OK, we’ll stop. We’re as grossed out as you are.

No guy around, by the way. Just the foam-eater and the five-year old. And the half-eaten furniture.

Exactly how do you treat somebody with a problem like this? Can they be treated, or do you have to institutionalize them?

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