School Security Guard Manhandled A Special Needs Student, Gets Fired Only To Be REHIRED Because

School Security Guard Manhandled A Special Needs Student, Gets Fired Only To Be REHIRED Because

The Dance Of The Lemons, which is something of a term of art for the ubiquitous phenomenon of “failing up,” in American education continues unabated. In what other industry can you get yourself a job with higher pay with the same employer after physically abusing the customers?

michael hunter

A school security guard in New Jersey who was fired after being caught on camera manhandling students has now been rehired – for more pay – by the same school board.

However the mother of a special needs student who was shoved by the guard, Michael Hunter, is now attempting to press against him.

Surveillance video that was obtained in February by Pix 11 showed Hunter pushing and shoving children in the hallways of Winfield Scott Elementary School.

The main student the video that Hunter was captured mistreating was Wilzamarie Rolon, 13, who is a special needs student.

‘How can this security guard do this to my daughter?’ Rolon’s mother, Vilmarie Montes, told Pix 11.

‘And while I’m looking at the video, it’s not only my daughter. There is other kids involved.’

The video shows Hunter throwing Rolon’s jacket in her face.

Then, when she tries to get to her locker, he grabs her arm and pushes her.

Finally he grabs her by the neck and walks her down the hall.

Rolon’s mother said her daughter suffered injuries and required treatment.

‘I took her to the hospital,’ said Montes.

Hunter had to take an “ethics and boundaries class,” and got himself rehired. The Elizabeth, New Jersey school district, then put him to work as a janitor at Mabel Holmes Middle School within the same district.

And janitors get paid more than security guards, which makes perfect sense. After all, dust and grime is a lot more important to protect the kids from than gang-bangers and bullies.

Any other industry would have collapsed under competition from smarter, leaner and more effective newcomers. But the public school monopoly continues uninterrupted, churning out stories like this in seemingly larger numbers than its successes.

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