85 Yr-Old Korean War Vet Murdered Horrifically By Black Teen Thug…

85 Yr-Old Korean War Vet Murdered Horrifically By Black Teen Thug…

Neighbors called him ‘Mr. Gene’ because they loved him. One neighbor said that he, “was the most kindhearted gentleman you ever met. He helped anybody he could.” This is what makes the tragic murder of 85 yr-old Korean War veteran, Gene Emory Dacus, so devastating. He was burned to death by a thug…

vet killed by thug fire

From Eagle Rising:

But one person decided to take this man’s life for no apparent reason. Eighteen-year-old Thomas Sims – who was arrested earlier this year in connection with a violent, armed carjacking – struck the elderly man during an argument. He then doused him with gasoline and set him on fire, in an apparent attempt to cover up the assault.

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Police say that the murderer’s motive had to do with the theft of Mr. Gene’s truck. He had already had his car stolen just a few weeks prior, and he was worried about his 1999 Dodge Ram pickup getting stolen as well. His neighbors advised him to move his truck into the yard and close to the house, which he did.

Witnesses told police they saw a fire in the yard before seeing a man running down a nearby alley with a red gasoline jug. Police arrested that man a short distance from the crime scene.

Neighbor Helen McComb said she was at her nearby home late Tuesday night when she heard a commotion outside and went on her front porch to investigate. “I could see something burning,” she said. “Then a guy ran out yelling somebody had burned up Mr. Gene.”

McComb said she ran to the crime scene and saw Dacus. “I lost it,” she said. “He’s been here forever. People here loved Mr. Gene.”

“The only thing I can hope to God for is that he was dead before he was burned,” Mr. Gene’s son Gary said. “You expect your parents to die before you, but to die a horrendous death like that is unimaginable. My father’s death is a tragic loss. The community lost one of its pillars.”

Police have arrested Sims and are still looking for a motive. Although Sims confessed to the crime, there is a second suspect on the run. There are no BLM or Black Panther protesters raising hell to protest Mr. Gene’s death… because he was white.

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