RUNNING THE GAUNTLET: Violent Protesters Attack, Beat Trump Supporters [VIDEO]

RUNNING THE GAUNTLET: Violent Protesters Attack, Beat Trump Supporters [VIDEO]

A group of aggressive protesters were caught on video harassing and assaulting Trump supporters as they left a fundraising event on Friday in Minneapolis.

beat protesters

From TheBlaze:

In a video posted by Minneapolis Star Tribune photographer Renee Jones, protesters can be seen banging on the doors of the Minneapolis Convention Center, punching an elderly man and aggressively harassing a group leaving the event.

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“Racist!” one protester shouts in the video.

“This is how we treat racists!” another screams.

As the American Mirror’s Kyle Olson described it, the Trump supporters were essentially forced to run a “gauntlet” in order to leave.

The fundraiser was closed to the media and Trump did not speak to reporters before or after the event. Some of his remarks were broadcast on the live-streaming app Periscope.

“If I could win a state like Minnesota, the path is a whole different thing. It becomes a much, much different race. We’re going to give it our ­greatest shot,” Trump reportedly said.

WATCH this unbelievable video below… one thing it proves is that people without jobs tend to become unpredictable and aggressive because they’re just plain bored and easy to manipulate to riot.

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