3 Rapists Jump Unarmed Woman In Park But Didn’t See Her Secret Weapon

3 Rapists Jump Unarmed Woman In Park But Didn’t See Her Secret Weapon

No one wants to live in a world where crime is a possibility, but unfortunately, that’s reality. And that’s why it’s important for people to be able to defend themselves. When a group of rapists saw a woman sitting alone in the park, they probably thought she was an easy target — but they had no idea what was coming.

The group of migrants spotted a 38 year-old woman walking through a park in Lohfelden, Germany. The three noticed that she didn’t appear to be armed, and also appeared to be alone. So thinking she was easy prey, they jumped her… but unfortunately, they missed a pretty big detail. The woman wasn’t actually alone.

The would-be victim had actually brought her two dogs, a German shepherd and a Labrador retriever, with her to the park. They had been enjoying some time off-leash in the park when the men attempted to rape the woman. They held her down and were trying to rip her clothes off as she screamed and her dogs quickly came to her aid.

The dogs quickly ran to the scene, where they lunged at the men and attacked them fiercely. At least one of the men was seriously injured and needed medical treatment; the other two ran away like the cowards that they are. The woman suffered only minor injuries and her dogs were completely unharmed. After telling a neighbor about what had happened, the neighbor took her to the hospital and police were notified about the attack. She was initially hesitant to report the attack for fear of being branded a “racist.”

The woman described her attackers as men with light brown skin, who stood about 5’4″ and spoke a foreign language. If they are caught, they will face charges of attempted rape, sexual assault and grievous bodily harm.

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