Youngsters Rape Mentally Disabled Girl On the Bus (Photo)

Youngsters Rape Mentally Disabled Girl On the Bus (Photo)

Do people have an obligation to intervene when they see a violent crime in progress? That’s the question being asked after a video was posted online of a mentally disabled woman being raped on a bus in Morocco by a group of teenagers, all while the bus driver and other passengers did nothing.

In the video, the 24 year-old woman can be seen having her clothes ripped off and the teenagers raping her as they laughed. As they assaulted her, she cried and called for help, but neither the bus driver or any passengers intervened. The woman initially didn’t go to authorities, but once the video was posted online, she notified Moroccan police.

Six teenagers, aged 15 to 17, were arrested for their “presumed implication in the woman’s aggression.” A Moroccan charity, Don’t Touch My Child, asked for witness to come forward “to bring to justice this barbaric horde who shamefully attacked a young women.” The bus company, M’Dina Bus, likewise condemned the attack and is cooperating with authorities.

But not everyone viewed this as the despicable crime that it is. Morocco being a majority Muslim country — Islam is the state religion — there was the inevitable victim blaming that took place, due to her allegedly inappropriate attire.

Some said that it was the woman’s own fault for being raped, claiming that she “provoked the men with indecent clothing.” One person wrote on Facebook, “I condemn the act but cover yourselves up, this one was easy to undress.” But as the story made its way to the United States, people were understandably outraged.

“After no one did anything to stop it and then to blame the young lady?” one person wrote. “Bulls**t those thugs will probably get away with it too! Just like here in the US! Just because of how she was dressed! Bulls**t those thugs need to be beaten to death! They have no idea how to live like humans!!”

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