Another Dumpster Rape In Progress, But Then Two Heroes Arrive

Another Dumpster Rape In Progress, But Then Two Heroes Arrive

What would you do if you saw an unconscious woman being raped? For these two men, the answer was to jump into action.


From the Independent Journal:

Cristian Garcia, a University of Florida linebacker who moonlights as a bouncer at Gainesville’s 101 Cantina restaurant, was taking out the trash last Thursday when he heard noises coming from behind the dumpster.

According to News 4 Jax, Garcia approached the dumpster to find what he believed to be a couple making out. He initially turned away, but then he realized that the girl was unconscious:

“I said, ‘Hey, that girl looked’ — I mean, her body was limp. Then, I said, ‘That’s probably — he’s raping her!’”

Knowing he needed to act, he enlisted the help of another bouncer, Leroyea Simmons Jackson, and the pair returned to the scene. Garcia, pictured below, grabbed the man by the shoulder and screamed at him to get off the young woman.

The interruption, Garcia says, was not welcomed by the suspect:

“He was like, ‘Mind your business.’ I yanked him one more time. He got off. Then he got aggressive with me.”

Even worse, the suspect was not alone— Garcia recalls five friends watching the encounter take place.

According to Fox News, the suspect attempted to run away, but because another bouncer had recorded the incident, police were able to track the man down later that night.

There are good men out there who will stand up to defend women. They should be recognized and celebrated.

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