Hillary’s Repeat Of 2008 Is Looking More And More Credible With THIS… [VIDEO]

Hillary’s Repeat Of 2008 Is Looking More And More Credible With THIS… [VIDEO]

Just when you thought Hillary was going to sail on through to November…all Hell breaks loose not only on her campaign, but on the entire Democratic party.



1. Sanders Supporters Are Going To Be Hillary’s Downfall…

“Hell No, DNC, we won’t vote for Hillary!”, that’s the mass chant at the Democratic National Convention …and it’s only Monday.

2. The Anger Over The DNC Sabotaging Sanders Hurts Her…A LOT.

By now you know that over the weekend, WikiLeaks dumped thousands of DNC emails all over the Internet. These emails shined a light on the nastiness and the corruption of the entire organization. It tainted many, with more emails said to be released later on, but what got the Bernie Sanders supporters attention was the active effort to sabotage Sanders’ campaign…

Debbie Wasserman Schultz took the brunt of the protests Monday morning.

3. Republicans Know Clinton Is A Liar, And So Do Democrats.

With Hillary claiming just recently that she was not being treated fairly…I know. A gross overstatement…it is no wonder how she has managed to be the worst running Democratic candidate ever… maybe in Presidential election history. Her own Democrats can’t even stand her!

“A recent CNN/ORC poll found that a stunning 68% of voters say they do not find Clinton trustworthy or honest, with many Democrats agreeing. The FBI investigation into her emails did further damage to her credibility, a Washington Post/ABC News poll finding that 56% of Americans disagreed with FBI Director James Comey’s recommendation not to bring charges against her despite her clear criminal negligence in handling classified material. Only 35% approved of Comey’s decision.”

4. Trump Is On His Way Up — And It’s Not Looking Like A “Post-Convention Bounce.”

The Daily Wire has claimed that Trump is doing better in the polls than media outlets have let on and it’s not a temporary boost.

“A new CNN/ORC poll found him now leading nationally by 5%, and, as the RealClearPolitics rolling averages show, this is not simply a “post-convention bounce” — it’s a part of a larger trend that started months ago that has seen Clinton’s once commanding 11-point national lead evaporate.”

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