Armed Thugs Try To ROB Taco Bell – Have No Idea Every Employee Is Packing… [VIDEO]

Armed Thugs Try To ROB Taco Bell – Have No Idea Every Employee Is Packing… [VIDEO]

In Cleveland, Ohio, employees were working the late shift when they had to make a call to the police at approximately 2:45 am. The police went to the fast food restaurant on West 117th Street, only knowing that there had been a robbery and that shots had been fired.

But this time, when the cops landed on scene, they found their first task was to administer first aid to the suspect, who was suffering from several gunshot wounds. The suspect was unconscious and only had a faint pulse, and was still laying on the floor face-up. Soon after, EMS arrived in an ambulance and the suspect was later pronounced dead at the nearby MetroHealth Medical Center.

The suspect was later named as De’Carlo Jackson, 24, who had previous convictions since at least 2012 stemming from drug trafficking charges. At the time he was found on the floor, the police report says that he was still holding a gun in his right hand. There had been another suspect, but he had escaped.

You can guess what happened here: Three of the Taco Bell employees who were on staff early that morning were all armed and they shot at both of the suspects when they entered the restaurant, both wearing masks, threatening the employees at gunpoint to get on the ground. As we can see with Jackson here, that trick only works when you’re dealing with unarmed people.

Taco Bell told the news that this is a franchise-owned store and that franchise owners can set their own gun policies, and released this statement to the press:

“Our franchisee is fully cooperating with the Cleveland Police Department in their investigation. The employees are very shaken up from today’s events, and our franchisee is offering them counseling.”

Last year we wrote about two potential robbers in Chicago who entered a T-Mobile shop and drew their guns… on an employee who had a concealed carry license. The employee was faster and he fired on the two idiots, chasing them out of the store. The district manager for T-Mobile said at the time “Thank God for concealed carry,” with local newspapers reporting that one of the suspects had been hit in the groin and arm, and the other was hit in the abdomen and the arm. They both drove themselves to a nearby hospital where they were promptly arrested by police.

Here’s a one minute video from a local news broadcast showing the location and the police as they worked on scene as it happened:

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