Atlanta Thug ASSAULTS Cop – Then Patriotic Woman Pulls Out Her Gun… [VIDEO]

Atlanta Thug ASSAULTS Cop – Then Patriotic Woman Pulls Out Her Gun… [VIDEO]

Sgt. Randy Harkness gave a man a courtesy ride to a nearby Chevron. Afterward, he tried to give the man some money so he could get something to eat. That’s when the ungrateful thug began assaulting the officer, hitting him in the head and neck.

But there was at least one person around that night who wasn’t going to let an officer come to harm for trying to do the right thing.

Sheriff Jeff Johnson confirmed that a woman in her late 20s witnessed the events unfold and emerged from her vehicle with her gun in hand. According to witnesses, three shots were fired with at least one striking the suspect, who was later identified to be Justin Foster.

But getting shot in the leg didn’t deter this thug from committing more crimes. While still at the Chevron, he allegedly attempted to carjack a woman. When he couldn’t get what he wanted, he ran to the nearby McDonald’s where he assaulted an elderly woman.

According to the shift manager, Sharon Cheek, who was there at the time of the incident, the 75 year-old woman was just minding her own business when she was accosted by Foster.

“He told her, looked at her, and told her she was dead, and then punched her square in the nose, 75 years there was no sense,” said Cheek.

After attempting another carjacking, Foster was subdued by a couple of customers who may have also rearranged his face a little bit. At least until the police arrived.

The woman and the two men responsible for taking down the suspect have refused to make public comments, but the Sheriff has made it clear that none of them will be facing any charges.

The Sergeant and the 75 year-old woman were treated for their injuries at the hospital and were quickly released. The suspect, however, remains in the hospital and is facing a nice long list of charges including criminal attempt to commit murder.

Watch the coverage below:

So, basically the question that needs to be asked is: How long should he be in prison for? He punched an elderly woman in the face, attacked an officer, attempted to steal the vehicles of two different people and who knows what else? He is clearly not well and needs to be locked up for his crimes.

I’m glad all of his victims are back on their feet, but this thug won’t be able to pay enough for what he’s done.

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