BREAKING: FBI Head Reveals Hillary Clinton Could STILL BE CHARGED Over Secret Server

BREAKING: FBI Head Reveals Hillary Clinton Could STILL BE CHARGED Over Secret Server

Hillary Clinton has tried so hard to throw Trump under the bus and link him to Russia in a pathetic attempt to save face in the wake of losing an election that had clearly been rigged in her favor. A year later and we learn that not only is the Trump/Russia collusion story a bunch of horse hockey, but that Clinton herself isn’t completely off the hook when it comes to the whole affair with her secret server.

FBI Director Chris Wray has given evidence to the House Judiciary Committee that just dramatically increased the chances that Hillary Clinton will be charged with mishandling classified information that was found on her private, unsecured server.

Despite the fact that former FBI Director James Comey all but assured America that Hillary Clinton was innocent (okay, not innocent, but she didn’t mean to commit the crimes, guys, so cut her a break), Chris Wray believes that something has been hidden from the people regarding the investigation.

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He stated that the FBI Inspector General was looking into whether “improper political considerations” were responsible for Comey eventually dismissing charges against Clinton.

“If he were to conclude that that’s what happened, then I think at that point we’re in a situation where we have to assess what else might need to be done to un-ring that bell if you will,” Wray said before Congress.

This week it was revealed that two FBI employees who were having an affair with each other exchanged pro-Clinton and anti-Trump text messages.

The man, Peter Strzok, was also responsible for “watering down” the language in the Comey memo to change the phrase “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless.” You see, gross negligence can invite charges because it can be considered a crime. “Carelessness” is frowned upon, but not illegal.

“It is absolutely unacceptable for FBI employees to permit their own political predilections to contaminate any investigation,” said Representative Bob Goodlatte. “Even the appearance of impropriety will devastate the FBI’s reputation.”

I don’t doubt that Comey was influenced by the Clintons’ political power; it would be almost impossible for him not to be. They are a political powerhouse and the idea of bringing charges against them is nothing short of a suicide mission. Let’s hope that Wray has the spine that Comey lacked and can actually punish Clinton for putting America at risk with her selfish desire of convenience. Or perhaps it was something more sinister?

We’ll have to wait to find out.

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