BREAKING: 2 Police Officers ATTACKED – By Man With Machete… Prayers Needed [VIDEO]

BREAKING: 2 Police Officers ATTACKED – By Man With Machete… Prayers Needed [VIDEO]

Another Jihadist has struck and this time the police were the target. Two female police officers were attacked and one sustained deep cuts to her face from the machete the Islamist was wielding while yelling “Allahu Akbar!” The other officer had minor injuries. This time it was in Belgium, but it really could have been anywhere now. With the entire world going open borders insane and importing these savages, I would not be surprised to see this happen here in the US.


From Allen West:

The Mirror reports, A pair of police officers have been attacked with a machete by a man shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ outside a police station in Belgium.

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The cops, reportedly both female, were attacked in the city of Charleroi this afternoon by a machete-wielding attacker.

One of the cops sustained deep cuts to the face and was rushed to hospital. Her colleague was only slightly injured.

Police in Charleroi tweeted: “Two police officers injured by machete in front of police by someone shouting Allahu Akbar.

Predictably, the Mirror reports, “The identity of the perpetrator and his motives are still unclear.”

The officer who received minor injuries pulled her gun and shot and killed the Jihadist. No big loss and good riddance. The attacker reportedly walked up to the two policewomen at the entrance of the police station in the Belgian city of Charleroi just before 4 pm, pulled a machete from his bag and hacked at the officer. She shot him in the chest and the leg and he died a short while later. What’s even sadder here is the media is saying the motive is unclear. Really? Earlier this last week, after ISIS celebrated a mass stabbing in London’s Russell Square that was carried out by a 19 year-old Somali teen with a Norwegian passport, the Muslim mayor issued a statement saying the suspect’s motive in that attack was also unknown. Seriously? They better start confronting this evil and soon or the bodies are going to really start piling up all over the planet.


Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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