GRAPHIC: SNAP Heard As French Gymnast’s Leg Points Wrong Direction! [VIDEO]

GRAPHIC: SNAP Heard As French Gymnast’s Leg Points Wrong Direction! [VIDEO]

In the crack heard round the world, a French gymnast has broken his leg in a dramatic and agonizing fashion as he attempted a vault. In a circumstance that is every Olympian’s worst nightmare, for Mr. Said, the Rio games have ended all too soon. Read on for details and scroll down for video.

From the Daily Mail:

This is the horrendous moment a French gymnast’s Olympics were ended in a single moment after he severely broke his left leg while landing on a vault.

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Samir Ait Said’s leg snapped as he tried to complete his vault during team preliminaries on Saturday, with the sound of the injury echoing through the arena.

As he crumpled to the floor, Said writhed in agony while medical officials tended to him in front of a shocked crowd.

The injury means Said will leave the Olympics prematurely, having also been expected to compete in the men’s parallel bars, the individual all-round, the team all-round, floor exercise, rings and the pommel horse.

The 26-year-old, who competed at 2015’s World Championships in Glasgow, won gold on the rings at 2013’s European Championships and then silver in the same discipline in 2015.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to this athlete for a full recovery and of course, good pain relief. It must be devastating to have his Olympic dream end so suddenly and terribly. Perhaps Mr. Said will appear in the next summer games.

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