BREAKING: Mall Shooting, 5 Dead – Shooter At Large… [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Mall Shooting, 5 Dead – Shooter At Large… [VIDEO]

This has unfortunately become the new norm in America. A gunman with a small rifle opened fire in the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington, 65 miles north of Seattle, near the Canadian border. Four women were killed and one man. The gunman is still at large. He is being described as Hispanic, but he looks to me like he could just as easily be Arabic. He is wearing a black shirt. Macy’s had the most entrances and was the most accessible it would seem.

The man walked to the makeup department of Macy’s and opened fire. They don’t know what his motive was at this point, they also don’t know where he is. For all we know he is already over the Canadian border. This happened at about 7:30 pm last night. He fled on foot… towards Interstate 5. I wonder if someone was picking him up? If you walk out the back of Macy’s, there is Interstate 5, it’s a short drive to Canada from there – less than 50 miles. Or you could hit Blaine on the coast and board a boat. The FBI has now been called in on this. It is an active and developing crime scene.


From the Wall Street Journal:

Five people were killed after a young man with a rifle opened fire at a Macy’s department store in Washington state Friday night.

The shooting at the crowded Cascade Mall, about 65 miles north of Seattle, sent shoppers pouring out into the parking lot and sparked a massive manhunt.

Hours later, the police were still searching for the suspected shooter, described as a Hispanic man, and wearing gray.

In the early chaos, police at first said there were four dead, then revised that number to three dead and two injured.

But late Friday night, after a search of the 434,000 square-foot mall, they revised the number again: four women had been killed, they said. One man, in his 60s, later died after being flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

The suspected shooter, a slim, dark-haired man dressed in gray, was last seen walking away from the mall, said Heather Axtman, a state trooper. The shooter’s motive is unknown at this time, Ms. Axtman said.

This looks to me like classic terrorism. Terrorism isn’t normally about killing huge numbers of people… you bop in and kill people and then bop out of there. You lay low until the next hit is due. This looks like it was well-planned to me strategically.

They are claiming this is a Marlin Model 60 or a Ruger 10/22. The shooter was an excellent shot it would seem. There may have only been one shooter, but I’ll bet he was not alone on this. It was too well-staged… too in and out. The guy got away and fast.

Police, FBI and ATF are swarming the area. People are being told to stay home and out of the area. The FBI’s Seattle office said via Twitter that it ‘has no information to suggest additional attacks planned’ in Washington state, but did not elaborate. That’s ominous all by itself. My take… the Minnesota stabbing and the threat on the Utah school last week were probes for something like this. If I had to guess, I would say more attacks are on the way and soon.


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