Race Baiting CNN Guest – Trump’s Law And Order Means He Wants No Blacks In Power… [VIDEO]

Race Baiting CNN Guest – Trump’s Law And Order Means He Wants No Blacks In Power… [VIDEO]

I like how Wayne Dupree describes CNN… the Communist News Network. Heh. So very appropriate. Jeffrey Toobin, who is a total media troll, has now come out and ranted about how racist Donald Trump is. He says Trump’s law and order is code for racism against blacks. So moronic it is hard to take. I believe Trump when he says he wants law and order restored in the US… what worries me are his methods. But it certainly has nothing to do with race. Fail.

If this is some lame attempt to smear Trump before the first debate, it is just stupid. This is the last refuge of liberals… throwing the racism card. They do it every single time. I still don’t support Donald Trump, but this is just low even for the likes of CNN. They are so in the tank for Hillary Clinton they don’t even try to hide it anymore. Disgraceful. It is not okay to verbally assault people who disagree with you. It shows you are weak and incapable of debate.


From Wayne Dupree:

The Communist News Network once again has scraped the bottom of the race-baiting barrel to pull up guest Jeffrey Toobin in their attempt to look Trump look bad before the debates.

The Presidential debates are on Monday night, and it seems the Communist News Network is working overtime to taint Trump before their viewers so they can use the pre-game and post-game parties.

Why is everything about race now, why can’t it be that we just don’t like Barack Obama’s policies because it’s hurting America. It has nothing to do with his race, and by the way, I don’t like Obama no matter what color he wants to use. I think you liberals get more stupid every day if it’s not what they want the people to believe it has to be racist as long as you can keep the people fighting each other you can push through your agenda what a bunch of Sicko’s

The media is useless anymore. They are propaganda outlets for one politician or another these days. News is almost never reported accurately or fairly. What CNN is pulling here actually helps Donald Trump because people see it for the specious argument it is. Plus anyone with two brain cells knows what a tool Toobin is.

Just because someone doesn’t agree with the left, doesn’t make them a racist and just because someone doesn’t agree with Trump, doesn’t make them a traitor or a Hillary supporter. This is the worst election I have ever seen and these horrible candidates bring out the worst in voters and the media. #CNNSucks

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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