Breaking News: There’s an Active Shooter in Neenah, Wisconsin

Breaking News: There’s an Active Shooter in Neenah, Wisconsin

Let me caution you that the early details in shootings like this often turn out to be wrong, but here’s what has been reported so far.


Dean Kaufert, the Neenah Mayor just spoke with us. He says this is still an active situation.

He tells us several shots were fired, he said 30 or more.

This incident is taking place at the Eagle Nation Cycles shop on Main Street.

Kaufert says one person was transferred to a hospital. We don’t have an update on their condition.

He also says there are people in the basement of the cycle shop. Mayor Kaufert also confirms there are firearms in the building.

….FOX 11’S Courtney Ryan tells us one person has been taken into custody.

It’s unclear whether the suspect has been apprehended or whether there’s a second suspect still barricaded in the building.

Journalists at the scene report the suspect negotiated with police for about an hour before being taken into custody. He was reportedly armed with a MAC-10 machine pistol, which was retrieved.

It is unclear if the situation is resolved as earlier Mayor Kaufert told WBAY-TV 2 there were at least 2 people barricaded inside the shop. Local media say the other person may be an employee.

Pray for the victims who’ve already been injured and let’s hope no one else loses his life today.

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