Islamic Terrorist Shown On TV without Her Burka, Look Who FREAKED OUT!!

Islamic Terrorist Shown On TV without Her Burka, Look Who FREAKED OUT!!

Radical Islamic terrorists, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik, went on a murderous rampage in San Bernardino and the news showed her face on TV without a burka, and a producer of Al Jazeera America thinks THAT’S disrespectful? Has he lost his mind?


hashem said is stupid 2

What’s ‘disrespectful’ is thinking that Malik should be given special treatment.

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Malik committed a crime against humanity, and we shouldn’t be catering to her religious preferences at all.

Would Said feel better if ABC ran a picture of Malik with her head completely covered to where we can only see the slits of her eyes?

hashem said is stupid

I don’t think Tashfeen Malik comprehended the term “family” because if she did, then she wouldn’t have ruined 14 families in San Bernardino. Has Said reached a level of stupidity that no one can possibly recover from? I know 2015 has had a LOT of stupid happenings, but to say the news is being disrespectful to a murdering terrorist is disrespectful to the families whose lives were torn apart for no reason.

In case you missed it, here’s Tashfeen Malik and her face without a burka.


san bernardino female killer without burka

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