BREAKING: Obama Just Sent a DISGRACEFUL Message to Cops

BREAKING: Obama Just Sent a DISGRACEFUL Message to Cops

Even when he’s trying to be empathetic, President Obama fails miserably. In a recent press conference, he stated that police need to acknowledge that there is a “problem” that is basically leading to black people killing cops.

I kid you not.


From Breitbart:

During his recent press conference with Spain’s President, Barack Obama insisted that America’s police will be “a lot safer” if they bow to the Black Lives Matter claim that they are the “problem.”

As he stood next to Spain’s Mariano Rajoy, Obama insisted that unless cops agree that they are part of the problem no “solutions” can be had to fix the relations between police and the community.

Equating the often riotous Black Lives Matter movement to the movement to abolish slavery, Obama said that as BLM  “speaks truth to power,” oftentimes change in the U.S. has been “messy.”

“The abolition movement was contentious. The effort for women to get the right to vote was contentious and messy. There were times when activists might have engaged in rhetoric that was overheated and occasionally counterproductive,” Obama said.

Obama also included Black Lives Matter with many of the nation’s other movements.

“The same was true with the Civil Rights Movement, the union movement, the environmental movement, the anti-war movement during Vietnam. And I think what you’re seeing now is part of that longstanding tradition,” he said.

But Obama’s chief message was that the police must acquiesce to the main BLM claim that police are the problem.

“And if police organizations and departments acknowledge that there’s a problem and there’s an issue, then that, too, is going to contribute to real solutions,” Obama insisted. “And, as I said yesterday, that is what’s going to ultimately help make the job of being a cop a lot safer. It is in the interest of police officers that their communities trust them and that the kind of rancor and suspicion that exists right now is alleviated.”

What an absolute scumbag! Studies have shown that there isn’t a “problem” as he puts it, but he still pushes this narrative that is leading to the deaths of innocent cops.

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