Left Party Moonbat Julian Kinzel Found Guilty of Faking Crime

A little follow-up on the story of hate hoaxer Julian Kinzel of Germany’s Left Party:

19-year-old Julian Kinzel alleged in January that right wing extremists slashed him 17 times with a knife while calling him a “gay communist”. In the aftermath of the attack Mr Kinzel, who is heterosexual, posted a message on Facebook declaring that he would not be intimidated.

Such a courageous moonbat!

On Thursday, however, the prosecutor in the city of Schwerin accused Mr Kinzel of faking a crime. According to the Left the 19-year-old who, at the time of his allegations, represented them as a local politician, is no longer a member of the party. He is now facing either three years in prison or a fine.

Doubts about the the politician’s story surfaced not long after it became public. A number of inconsistencies in his story, not least inexplicable injuries, led to police opening the investigation against Mr Kinzel.

His fellow lefties stood with him anyway, desperately wanting to believe him. Egg now oozes down their slack-jawed faces.

Kinzel: Wounds were self-inflicted.

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