BREAKING: Woman Who Was on UCLA Shooter’s ‘Kill List’ Found Dead in Minnesota

BREAKING: Woman Who Was on UCLA Shooter’s ‘Kill List’ Found Dead in Minnesota

Bizarre coincidence or cold-blooded murder?

Yesterday, a murder-suicide occurred on the UCLA campus, but the horrors didn’t stop there. The killer had compiled a “kill list” and one of the unfortunate women on it was found dead in the murderer’s Minnesota home.


From Young Conservatives:

Yesterday, a murder suicide took place on the campus of UCLA that left a professor and one of his students dead.

The student, who was the instigator, was apparently disgruntled with his teacher and chose to take his life in a tragic shooting that had the whole campus on lock down for hours.

Authorities discovered a suicide note on scene and also discovered a “kill list” in the shooter’s home.

Apparently, a woman on that list has turned up dead in the shooter’s Minnesota home.

This story is just getting stranger and stranger.

Details are still coming in and we don’t know much about this woman or how she was killed.

Authorities will surely be trying to get in contact with anyone else who is on that list and it is possible that this student killed more people than just this professor.

An update indicates the woman found in the home was the ex-girlfriend of the shooter.

Prayers for everyone involved. This is a horrible situation that doesn’t appear to be reaching a conclusion any time soon.

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