Another terror plot was foiled in Germany as an “experienced bomb maker” and two other Syrians were arrested for allegedly planning a terror attack in Dusseldorf. Germany’s attorney general’s office claims that the men were going to carry out the attack “on behalf of ISIS.”

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From CNN:

Three Syrian men were arrested Thursday in Germany on suspicion of planning a terror attack on Dusseldorf on behalf of ISIS, the German attorney general’s office said.

The cell — which allegedly included an experienced bomb maker — was plotting a mass casualty attack on the old town of the western German city, using suicide vests and guns, federal prosecutors say.

There were no indications that the plot, believed ordered by senior ISIS leadership, was in an advanced stage of implementation, the statement said.

All Syrians

The three were apprehended separately Thursday in the states of North Rhine-Westphalia, Brandenburg and Baden-Wurttemberg, the attorney general said in a statement.

The homes of the men — identified only as Hamza C., 27; Mahood B., 25; and Abd Arahman A. K., 31 — are being searched for evidence.

German officials have requested extradition of a fourth suspect, a 25-year-old Syrian national named Saleh A., who has been in French custody since February.

Information that the fourth suspect disclosed to French authorities led to the arrests, the statement said.

Attorney General Peter Frank said that Mahood B. was believed to be an ISIS supporter, while the other three were strongly suspected of being members of the terror group.

Abd Arahman A. K. also is suspected of involvement with al Nusra Front, another jihadist group active in Syria.

He is accused of having prepared suicide vests and grenades for the group in the war-torn country in 2013.

This CAN and WILL happen in the United States if we aren’t more careful about who we let in our country. If we can’t trust our elected officials to protect us, we need to do it ourselves.

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