Horned Man Arrested for Doing THIS to His Wife… UNTHINKABLE

Horned Man Arrested for Doing THIS to His Wife… UNTHINKABLE

A creepy man is certain that his wife has been cheating on him. So one night when she returns home from work, he confronts her. They fight and he tells her to sleep in the closet. This is when his wife refuses and he pulls out an 8-inch knife. What happens next is pretty horrifying, but in my opinion, not as horrifying as the horns and disfiguration he has caused his face…

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From The Smoking Gun:

According to Glendale police, Juan Vargas Rodriguez, 53, began quarreling with his wife when she returned home from work. At one point, cops say, Rodriguez demanded that his spouse sleep in a closet.

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When the woman rejected that request, Rodriguez allegedly responded by pulling out a knife and threatening her life. Rodriguez then slashed the victim in the left arm and left breast, investigators charge. The woman also sustained cuts on a hand when she tried to wrestle the knife from Rodriguez.

The attack ended when Rodriguez’s adult daughter disarmed him and separated her father from the screaming victim.

During police questioning, Rodriguez claimed not to recall details of the confrontation, saying he “kind of blacked out with rage.” The victim was not seriously injured during the attack.

I just have one thing to say… maybe he’s just misunderstood? I would be a pretty angry person too if I paid money to have horns put onto my head and they were put in crooked. Awful really…

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