‘Cannibal’ Woman Tries To Eat Friend’s Face, Before Biting Two Others – Including A POLICE OFFICER! [VIDEO]

‘Cannibal’ Woman Tries To Eat Friend’s Face, Before Biting Two Others – Including A POLICE OFFICER! [VIDEO]

A woman has been arrested after allegedly trying to devour her friend’s face before chomping down on her boyfriend and a police officer during a drug-fueled rampage. When are folks going to learn? Do NOT make friends with a druggy. It’s bad for your health.


From the Daily Mail:

Mother Lindie Stewart, 37, was arrested in Newark, New York, on Sunday after police found her being held down in a driveway by her friend, Michael Maricle.

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When cops arrived, Maricle’s face was bleeding and he told them he was trying to stop her from attacking him again.

Newark Police Chief David Christler told ABC 13 that Rouse’s bite wounds would eventually fully heal.’He’ll recover, but it was a pretty good bite. And then she attempted to bite other people including the responding officers who were fortunately able to subdue her without any injury, and she was taken to the hospital,’ Christler said.

Police found a powder at the scene which they believe to be either crystal meth or bath salts. They took it to the hospital with them and are now awaiting test results.

Stewart’s roommate, Bill Jeremenko, told the station that he believes her medication caused her behavior, not illegal drugs.’I spent all Mother’s Day [with her], I cooked her breakfast, she stayed here all day she was doing fine, she was taking her medications,’ he said.

‘I want to know what’s going on, because I care for the girl. She’s like a daughter to me.’

Have bath salts created the world’s first zombies? This crazy drug has had an eerie brand of creepy attached to it, with the most prevalent being the eating of someone/s face. Who would voluntarily take this drug?

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