Gowdy SICK Of White House Dragging Feet Not Getting Him The Benghazi Info He Needs – Does THIS!

Gowdy SICK Of White House Dragging Feet Not Getting Him The Benghazi Info He Needs – Does THIS!

Trey Gowdy, the House Select Committee on Benghazi chairman, says he wouldn’t care at all if his controversial committee’s final report is exposed right before the summer political conventions or the November presidential election. The left and the media will try to spin it as a political move for the right. Dropping it right before folks head out to the convention.


From the Daily Mail:

‘The calendar is the calendar,’ Gowdy recently told reporters, according to the New York Times.
The investigation has mainly swirled around likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and veered, at times, over to her email scandal, giving it the whiff of a political hit job.

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When Gowdy was asked if wrapping up the investigation close to the conventions might make the committee’s reputation as a political hit machine worse he answered, ‘I don’t look at it that way,’ according to the Times.
‘I look at it as whether or not you are going to conclude an investigation before you have talked to all the witnesses and accessed all the documents,’ Gowdy said.

He suggested that it would be equally bad to wrap up the investigation early fearing blowback from the report dropping too close to the conventions or the election.

‘The flip side of that is to say, “Yeah, we were owed documents and yeah, we had witnesses who came in at the last minute, but because we were afraid of media criticism because of many conventions coming up we went ahead and shortened our investigation,’ Gowdy said.

Gowdy pointed to the Obama Administration for the sluggish pace of the committee as of late, saying it was obstructing the investigation.

The South Carolina Republican said Wednesday that he’d like to get the report out ‘before summer.’ Of course Democrats have long been critical of the House Republican-led investigation, with the Obama Administration pointing out that the 2012 Benghazi terror attack, in which four Americans were killed, had already been investigated by Congress and the State Department, among other government entities.

When Hillary’s goons delay and withhold evidence, you bet that is going to hold up the case. Screw the media, screw the left, screw Hillary (not literally. Ugh.). When they refuse to provide information, they have a purpose to it. Keep pushing, no matter how long it takes. We can’t let them dodge forever.

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