Childcare Workers’ Sick Form Of Entertainment Lands Them In Jail

Childcare Workers’ Sick Form Of Entertainment Lands Them In Jail

In Virginia, two daycare workers have now been sentenced to prison for setting up a “baby fight club.” Kierra Spriggs, 26, was given the maximum sentence allowable by law – almost three years. She stepped on the toes of toddlers, doused them with water, snapped rubber bands on their wrists and made them fight each other. She is the second staff member to be found guilty of cruelty to children at Minnieland Academy. Sarah Jordan was sentenced to nearly two years in jail.

The children who were victims here were a group of toddlers that were cared for in what Minnieland designated its ‘monkey room’. Children became withdrawn, frightened and some became overly aggressive after staying at this daycare. Then the parents found out what was really going on and it was horrific. More than a dozen families have filed civil lawsuits in the last month, collectively seeking more than $12 million in damages from Minnieland.


From the Daily Mail:

A former Virginia daycare worker whose horrific child abuse was likened to a ‘baby fight club’ faces nearly three years behind bars – the maximum term a judge could impose.

In a campaign of cruelty, Kierra Spriggs would regularly step on the toes of the two year olds in her care, douse them with water, snap rubber bands on their wrists, feed them Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and make them fight each other.

A report filed by Child Protective Services suggests the 26-year-old carried out the abuse, which happened at Minnieland Academy in 2013, for entertainment purposes.

She is the second former staff member to be convicted for child cruelty, after daycare worker Sarah Jordan was convicted on similar charges and sentenced to nearly two years in prison.

Prosecutor Ashleigh Landers-Sutton says there is no way of knowing what the long term damage is to these children. “These were children that did absolutely nothing to deserve the treatment that Ms. Spriggs inflicted,” Landers-Sutton said. You don’t expect those that you entrust your precious children to will treat them like they are animals this way. It’s demonic.

This happened back in 2013, when a coworker turned these women in for their abuse. They are just now being sentenced. God only knows why it takes so freaking long – this is not exactly what I would call a ‘speedy trial’. During Spriggs’ trial, teachers in the monkey room testified that they alerted their supervisors to the problems, but nothing was done. Eventually a teacher called state welfare agents, who conducted an investigation.

These children were brutally traumatized at a very young age. Spriggs apologized in writing. Not good enough by far. In my book, these women didn’t get nearly long enough sentences. They are monsters.




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