Bad News For Sick Lib After What She’s Discovered Hiding In A Room At The Debate [VIDEO]

Bad News For Sick Lib After What She’s Discovered Hiding In A Room At The Debate [VIDEO]

Gateway Pundit is claiming this liberal reporter lied just like Michelle Fields did. First off, I am still convinced that Michelle Fields DID NOT LIE. What happened between her and Corey Lewandowski was verified as far as I’m concerned. Having said that, the video on this woman’s claims is not definitive. She claims that she was using her phone to interview Donald Trump on millennial black women and that he grabbed her wrist and pushed her away. You can’t tell from this video one way or the other if she is telling the truth because you don’t see Trump’s hands or her phone. So, Fox saying the video shows that Trump is innocent is not right and her claiming it proves him guilty is not right.

Now the interview was at the end of the Spin Room gathering. She was hanging out there waiting for Trump to get her question asked. Trump was barraged by reporters and he was cranky. But I have doubts about her story… unlike Fields who was backed up by other reporters, no one verified this woman’s claims. There is enough to go after Trump on without making bogus claims. I would need to hear it from others there before I would give it much credence. Liberals are surely hoping for a confrontation with The Donald.


From Gateway Pundit:

A female reporter accused Donald Trump of abuse in the “spin room” after the presidential debate at Hofstra University.

The woman, Alexi McCammond from Bustle News, said Trump abused her. He grabbed her wrist and pushed her away:

“I asked him a very basic question about how he could garner support from normal millennial women. As a millennial black woman that is a question very important to me. Instead of answering my question he grabbed my wrist, pushed my phone away as I was recording and said put that down.“

Now there’s video of what really happened.

Hofstra University, where the debate was held, is not exactly friendly towards Republicans. On the other side of this, if Trump does something that is wrong, he should be called on it. Just like Clinton should. This witch hunt and tarring and feathering of anyone who speaks out against the man is abhorrent to me and smacks of fascism.

Regardless, I would tell this young female liberal reporter that if she is thinking she will get her five minutes of fame by accusing Trump of manhandling her, she’s cracked. In this instance, I doubt he did and if you are going to be in the Spin Room and jockey with all those reporters to get a word from Trump, then expect anything that happens frankly. The left is getting really desperate here.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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