Dad Faced With Teen Robber Pointing Gun At His Children, One Of Them Didn’t Make It Out Alive

Dad Faced With Teen Robber Pointing Gun At His Children, One Of Them Didn’t Make It Out Alive

Say you live in Texas, where everyone and their mother carries a gun. You go to Popeye’s, casually purchasing yourself some chicken and biscuits. You and your kiddos are chowing down on some delicious fried fowl and in walks an entitled 19 year-old brat.

Said brat, later identified to be Andres Herrera, jaunts into the joint, gun loaded, points it at you and demands some money and personal belongings. Classic robbery, right?

But you’re Carlos Molina and you sent your young ones to the bathroom mere moments ago and they make the near-tragic decision of exiting the bathroom right as Herrera was looking for targets.

Herrera points his gun at them. What is a father to do?

Molina explains that he doesn’t have any money, as he just spent it on the meal for his wife and kids. He asked if he and his family could leave and just then Herrera turns his weapon on the store manager.

The family prepared to make their exit, but had to wait for two more of their kids who were still in the bathroom.

Then those children returned from the bathroom, Herrera points his gun at them and that’s when Molina had enough. As a licensed gun owner, he pulled out his side arm and shot the would-be robber several times. Those shots ended up being fatal.

I love a story with a happy ending.

Officers confirmed that Molina had shot the man in the defense of a third party, but says the incident is still under investigation.

While this story might be spectacular and an example of a good guy with a gun stopping a bad guy with a gun, the people who are really going to suffer from this are the children. They witnessed a traumatic event that really couldn’t have ended any other way. Depending on their ages, they are either too young to understand what really happened and why, or they are old enough to understand, but might still need therapy to cope with what they witnessed. Either way, it’s still better than being on the receiving end of a bullet fired by a desperate teen.

This is another good reason to always carry. You may just be going out to Popeye’s to munch on some fast food and someone who thinks they own the joint comes in to rob the place. It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.

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