Dem. Sen. Tom Carper ADMITS To Beating His Wife [VIDEO]

Dem. Sen. Tom Carper ADMITS To Beating His Wife [VIDEO]

What do you know, another Senator has admitted to slapping his wife. Where do we find these wife beaters and pedophiles? How are we not sick enough of these people to completely dismantle the power they have over us?

Delaware senator Tom Carper is the latest on the list of admitted wife-beaters that we’ve found in Congress. It’s time to drain the swamp and then burn the remains. We can do just fine on our own, thank you very much. He admitted to slapping his wife in a 1998 interview, which is counter to what he claimed during his first run for Congress. You can’t have that albatross around your neck and still win. Look what happened to Roy Moore based on accusation alone. And this guy had video proof of him saying that he slapped with wife and he still gets voted to office. The cajones on this guy must be yuuge. I mean, just look at how natural that clenching of his fist looks.

Carper first represented Delaware in the House of Representatives. He was then elected governor in 1993 and won a Senate seat in 2001, a seat he has not relinquished since. During his first House run, he categorically denied that he hit his wife when it came out in the campaign saying it was “without basis in fact.” Isn’t that what they all say Tom? Kind of like when Lance Armstrong sued that French newspaper for saying he was doping during his historic run of 7 consecutive wins at the Tour de France, Carper threatened to sue the New York Post for libel when they broke the story in 1982. He ended up winning the House seat by playing the victim, saying his Republican opponent used “vicious” tactics to “smear” him and his family.

“Let me say clearly and categorically that the implications in that story are without basis in fact,” Carper told the News Journal in 1982 after the allegations broke. He called the story “outrageous” and an attempt at “political character assassination.”

Surprise, surprise, after he gets rich and powerful through government, he admits to his wrongdoing. 16 years later, he admitted to Celia Cohen that the story was true and that he had lied to get elected.

“Did I slap my wife 20 years ago? Yes,” Carper said. “Do I regret it? Yes. Would I do it again? No.”

Okay, he’s apologized. That’s enough for me. I mean, who hasn’t slapped his wife and then lied about it for political gain? I know I have. He’s just a common man like myself. This seems like a one time incident. I mean he said he wouldn’t do it again, so obviously he only did it once, right?

“Although public opinion [during the election] swayed Carper’s way, the incident was perhaps the lowest in his public life,” Cohen wrote in her book. “He would not speak of the allegations, even when they were repackaged and resurfaced 14 years later while he was running for a second term as governor. In an interview in 1998 for this writing, however, he dealt with them straightforwardly.”

He has gone to great lengths to try and sweep this under the rug with mental gymnastics and the downplay of the century.

“In 1982, during my first campaign for Congress, I was falsely accused of beating my wife and physically abusing my stepchildren. I defended myself by telling the truth, and was joined in that defense not only by my former wife, Diane, but also by her children, Greg and Stephanie. I stand by what I said back in 1982, as does Greg, whom I raised for five years and consider my own. I believe that if Diane and Stephanie were still living, they would stand by me, too.

“That said, I have made many mistakes in my life and have always been willing to admit them. One of those mistakes took place 37 years ago when I slapped my then-wife, Diane, during a heated argument. It was wrong. I regretted it then and I still do today. During a child custody battle between Diane and her former husband, I was truthful about this incident. I was truthful again when asked about it during a 1998 interview.

“Any claim that I lied or attempted to hide my behavior is false. I am a man who has made his share of mistakes, but I am not and never have been one who abuses his wife and children. You don’t have to take my word for it. My late first wife was very clear to our local paper back in 1982 – she never would have allowed her children or herself to be abused. Greg’s words from the 1990s speak volumes about the kind of stepfather I was to his sister and him.

“This is a difficult topic that dredges up feelings from many decades ago, but sunshine is the best disinfectant. I am grateful that my family has accepted the mistakes that I’ve made in the past and that they love me today. My stepson, Greg, and his family remain a special part of my life, as does his maternal grandmother, whom I still visit at her home in Sussex County Delaware, as recently as last month.”

Just listen to the guy. Does this sound like a guy who is bullcrapping his way to office? Do I always ask really easy questions like this for satirical effect?

It’s as simple as that folks, you are allowed to slap your wife once and be fine politically. Probably only if you’re a Democrat though. It seems as if they are handed a “slap your wife” freebie card or “get a blowjob in the Oval Office” freebie card and all sorts freebie cards. I should run as a Democrat.

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