Ex-Secret Service Agent Goes Rogue – Reveals Clintons ‘Systematically Destroyed Integrity’ Of Secret Service

Ex-Secret Service Agent Goes Rogue – Reveals Clintons ‘Systematically Destroyed Integrity’ Of Secret Service

I am so shocked every time I find out that the Clintons are terrible people. I mean, come on. Sure, they have a trail of bodies surrounding them like a shroud of death and they can sometimes commit felonies. I mean, who of us hasn’t done these things and gotten away with it? They couldn’t be a better example of the average Joe, am I right?

Right, let’s get back to reality.

A new book has emerged called “Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the US Secret Service,” by Gary Byrne, a former Secret Service agent. He claims that the Secret Service was nearly undone by “blind loyalty” to Bill and Hillary Clinton. He says the agency was undermined because the Clintons were “systematically destroying” their protection rules.

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Gary Byrne, a 30-year veteran of federal law enforcement, claims the current President could be in trouble because of what started with the Clintons back in the 1990s.

“How can a law enforcement agency maintain its integrity, say in policing counterfeiting, while admittedly having compromised integrity in the area of protection?” Byrne wrote, according to the Daily Mail.

Byrne claims the Secret Service was involved in several high profile controversies during the Clinton administration including the Whitewater controversy and “Chinagate.”

The Secret Service “knowingly allowed Chinese generals, disguised in civilian clothing, to meet administration personnel at the White House and logged them as ‘business guests’ at the administration’s request so as to avoid transparency,” Byrne wrote.

The agency also failed to record what was in the paper bags the Chinese brought to those meetings. They allegedly did not even check the contents of the bags.

This isn’t the first book that Byrne has written about the Secret Service. In “Crisis of Character,” Bryne claims that Hillary was so controlling and demanding that many agents turned to drugs to cope with the stresses of the job. He also claims that Hillary gave Bill a black eye during one of their many fights.

Since the Clinton’s departure, the Secret Service has not acted in a manner becoming of the agency and have been embroiled in its own series of scandals. In 2012, several agents allegedly brought prostitutes to their hotel in Colombia, where President Obama was going to stay. And who can forget the time an intruder paraded around the White House grounds for several minutes as the alarms were blaring? And of course, Kerry O’Grady said on Facebook that she would be unwilling to take “a bullet” for President Trump.

It seems like this once great agency has been corrupted to the core. How much of this is the fault of the poor examples of the Clintons and their treatment of the Service as well as the Office of the Presidency?

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