The Most Depraved Town on the Planet? Brazilian Pedophile Mayor Forced Terrified Families to Hand Over Hundreds of Girls and Gave Them a Mobile Phone or a House For Their Silence

The Most Depraved Town on the Planet? Brazilian Pedophile Mayor Forced Terrified Families to Hand Over Hundreds of Girls and Gave Them a Mobile Phone or a House For Their Silence

One Brazilian town is now known worldwide as the most depraved town in the world. It turns out that the corrupt town was filled with pedophiles who would use their positions of authority to force families to hand over young girls in exchange for money or expensive goods.

adail pinheiro

‘She’s a little baby, chief, now I’m looking at her properly, what a baby,’ said the voice at the end of the telephone. ‘Beautiful smile, white, white skin, long hair… makes your mouth water.’

‘My God, bring her to me to see right now,’ came the excited reply.

The call between two paedophiles lining up their next victim for abuse and recorded by police investigators would leave Brazil in a state of shock.

For decades, a town had been run by a gang of predatory paedophiles – most of whose members held powerful positions in the council, judiciary and even local schools.

The first voice on the taoe is that of Adriano Salan, the Minister of Administration in Coari, a wealthy town of 77,000 in the Brazilian Amazon, 280 miles west of Manaus.

His ‘chief’ and the gang’s leader is Adail Pinheiro – the town’s mayor.

After the taped conversation was made public, victims and witnesses started to come forward and the the true scale of the horror happening in this remote jungle town was finally exposed.

Those in the ring included the mayor’s chief of staff and closest aides, council ministers, military policemen and countless other employees, including drivers, secretaries and the mayor’s housekeepers, according to dozens of testimonies given to prosecutors.

They are accused of using money from public coffers to finance the abuse and rape of hundreds of girls aged between nine and 15, all on the orders of Pinheiro, 51, now in his third term as mayor.

… Sickeningly, the mayor would have a team of staff who would wait near the gates of schools and outside churches in the town, taking photos and video footage of young girls, according to allegations made by a former employee.

The material, he claimed, was then taken to Pinheiro, who would action another team, tasked with contacting the girls families and offering everything from money, mobile phones, computers, even jobs, land and houses, to parents in exchange for their daughters.

Few girls ‘chosen’ by the mob would escape being abused – often at private parties on boats or on board a council medical plane, according to allegations heard by police investigators.

The mayor was known to prefer the youngest girls, and particularly virgins, for whom he would pay as much as £1000. Last New Year one of his aides allegedly promised a 13-year-old virgin girl for him ‘as a New Year’s Eve present’.

The gang’s grip on the town was so strong that few ever dared speak out, fearing retaliations and even death threats.

Families often felt they had no choice but to hand over their children for abuse.

… Following a national public outcry, Pinheiro and five other ringleaders named in the tapes were arrested in January this year and transferred to a prison in Manaus.

Eleven months later, however, an investigation by MailOnline has found that nothing has changed in Coari, where poor families are still at the mercy of the paedophile gang who are in control of the town council.

While Pinheiro remains in custody in Manaus, he is believed to still command the group, who have reportedly been threatening and bribing families of victims to change their statements on his orders.

And, according to residents, most of those widely known to be part of the ring are still in their posts in the council.

They include Maria Landia Santos, the Minister for Environment and Tourism, who in 2008 was accused by public prosecutors of being a pimp who recruited young girls for the mayor.

One Coari resident told MailOnline: ‘Things are much worse in Coari. We are being terrorised every day by Adail’s men. People are being threatened and even killed. Our daughters are even more vulnerable than they were before.’

Two of those arrested with Pinheiro – Minister of Land and Housing Franciso Oliveira and the mayor’s chief of staff Eduardo Oliveira Alves – were quietly released and are back living in Coari.

These children aren’t being killed, thank God, but it is eerily reminiscent of the Hunger Games. Although one wonders, how could any parent be willing to hand over their children like this?

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