VIDEO: Watch What Happened When an Intruder Targeted a Veteran’s Home

VIDEO: Watch What Happened When an Intruder Targeted a Veteran’s Home

Robbers seemingly never learn that they should be careful who they target — that helpless looking elderly man might actually be a former Marine who’s packing, or that skinny guy could be a former paratrooper. Time and time again, robbers end up getting their butts handed to them by veterans, which is what happened when one intruder tried to break into a vet’s home… for the second time!

robber vs paratrooper

A video published on YouTube Sunday purportedly shows the decisive response of one Army veteran who noticed a “local creeper” attempting to gain entry into his house. Andrew Myers posted surveillance footage depicting the attempted home invasion along with a narrative of the evening’s events.

“This guy was in my house earlier this week in the middle of the night on Veteran’s [sic] Day,” he wrote. “My neighbor saw him and when we checked the security cameras sure enough, there he was.”

… After that incident, Myers wrote that he implemented additional security measures in an attempt to prevent any future intrusions. His efforts apparently paid off, as evidenced in the footage showing the veteran’s ability to handle the uninvited guest and hold him until authorities arrived.

In the latest incident, the man reportedly attempted to enter through another door and was quickly greeted by a prepared homeowner.

“Once I told him he wasn’t coming in,” Myers wrote, “and wasn’t leaving till he talked to the police he struggled to get away and tried to pull off a huge haymaker on the porch.”

Myers responded with an uppercut, he wrote, and dragged the intruder down the porch steps.

“The rest can be seen on camera,” he concluded.

That robber never stood a chance, and thankfully, got the ass-kicking he deserved. Maybe a good long stay in jail will help him re-think his attraction to criminal behavior.

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