Elderly Man Disarms And Takes Down Large Bank Robber Like A BOSS – All Captured On Film! [VIDEO]

Elderly Man Disarms And Takes Down Large Bank Robber Like A BOSS – All Captured On Film! [VIDEO]

I don’t know why some people view older and elderly folks to be easy targets. Sometimes they are, but other times you’re in for a nasty surprise.

This bank robber had to learn this the hard way and I don’t see why we can’t laugh at his misfortune. After all, it wasn’t like he was trying to take care of an orphan when he was attacked. He was robbing a bank. You know, like they do in those old movies because that was a time when they actually had cash.


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Video from the bank’s security cameras show the older man, Robert Sakosky, 63, coming into the bank, followed shortly after by two women whose faces are blurred out for privacy reasons. Finally, the robber, John Ryall, 38, comes in all decked out in black gear, gloves and a ski mask. (Unfortunately, the store was all out of large burlap sacks with big green dollar signs on them, so he had to make due.)

He can be seen waving his firearm around and making demands of the tellers behind the counter. (“Hands in the air, this is a stick up!”)

Minutes later, the older gentleman rushes the cretin in the mask, knocking him down. They struggle for a moment before the man throws him to the ground, the gun having been dropped after the initial hit.

Seriously, this is some glorious stuff happening here. You need to see it for yourself.

Watch the video below:

At some point during the epic tussle, Ryall’s mask was torn from his face, making it extremely easy for both the man and the police to identify him later on.

Ryall eventually took off, penniless and having lost his firearm, after realizing that this was one fight that he wasn’t going to win. He was captured by police after Sakosky pointed police in the direction that the suspect had fled in.

Local residents regard the 63 year-old to be a hero. It’s unlikely that Ryall would have actually killed anyone (it was clear all he wanted was money), but accidents happen all the time and if a man is desperate enough to rob a bank, there is no telling what he might also be capable of.

We need more men like this in the world, who are willing to risk their lives for the safety of others and simply doing what is right. The money never left the bank and Ryall is behind bars where he belongs.

I love happy endings.

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