Ex-Clinton Foundation Official Caught Up In Bizarre Chinese Child Sex Abuse Scandal [VIDEO]

Ex-Clinton Foundation Official Caught Up In Bizarre Chinese Child Sex Abuse Scandal [VIDEO]

Everyone knows the Clinton family and their foundation is full of evil people. This story is no surprise.

A former Clinton Foundation higher up is now a director of a company which operates private schools in China. He is now in the middle of a child abuse scandal involving molestation and needle marks, according to some parents.

China has launched a nationwide investigation after parents said toddlers at the preschool had needle marks and were given white pills.

Li Jing, a mother of a child in the school, said her daughter apparently had not been abused, but heard the rumor mill surrounding the situation.

“Other kids were saying it’s not to be called taking a pill, but a reward. And the pill is not to be called a pill, but a jelly bean, and is a little secret between the child and the teacher,” Li said.

Yeah, this sounds like a pedophile ring. Surprise, surprise, it’s tied to the Clintons. Medical examination of eight children has occurred and the medical professionals have said the injuries could only have been caused by needles, Guanzhuang police reports.

“I asked my child after I heard what other parents said and my child said that they had taken two white pills after lunch, and slept after eating the pills,” one concerned father told CCTV on Thursday.

“Lately, many places have had incidents where children have been violated and harmed in kindergartens, which has had an abominable impact and caused major harm to their families,” it said on the official website of the Ministry of Education.

This latest scandal is not the first that RYB schools have been accused of. In April, the head of a different RYB kindergarten in Beijing was suspended after saying that some teachers had made “severe mistakes.” Videos were posted of these kindergarten kids being assaulted. Last October, two teachers from another RYB kindergarten were sentenced to 34 months in prison for the abuse they put the children through at that school. Their weapon of choice: sewing needles.

RYB Education has 80 kindergartens and has franchised another 175 in over 130 cities across China. The ages of the children in these schools range from newborns to first graders. All of its directors are Chinese, with the sole exception of Joel Getz, a former Clinton Foundation executive and associate dean at Yale. He is listed as an “independent director.” Shares of RYB fell over 35% after the news broke. Maybe Joel will get fired.

The Clintons just seem to love people associated with pedophiles and just downright evil people. And yet we almost voted Hillary president. This Thanksgiving season, I’m grateful that evil warmonger is not my president.

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