BOOM! Trump Skewers CNN International On Twitter As Fake News And They Slap Back

BOOM! Trump Skewers CNN International On Twitter As Fake News And They Slap Back

Saturday afternoon saw President Trump once again take to his preferred method of direct unfiltered communication with the American people, Twitter. This time he was taking a shot at CNN International. He usually targets “fake news” CNN. But this time it was the global arm of the media company. He was remarking on the fact that overseas, CNN is the news outlet that represents the United States and that it is the main resource for those in other nations to get news about America. And as such, according to President Trump, is doing a very poor job. Of course CNN is skewed dramatically Left, so of course Trump is correct. CNN does not respect this nation or our President, so what they broadcast around the world is anti-American nonsense. Of course they broadcast that foolishness here at home too. But at least Americans can access other sources. Internationally, CNN is pretty much all there is. See Trump’s tweet below.

Another Twitter user responded that Trump only thought Fox was more important because it supports his “narrative.” And some other folks accused him of “doing advertisements for Fox News.”

But the snappiest response, though it is untrue, came from CNN International itself. See their tweet below.

As witty as that retort is, it has one fatal flaw. CNN hasn’t simply “reported the news” in years. They report what works for the Left’s and the Democrat’s political agenda. And they pretty much publish fake news about everyone else including Trump. CNN and CNN International show their utter disdain for our President every day. And because Trump sees their partisan reporting and isn’t fooled by it, he rightly calls them fake news.

This writer has been overseas and seen this firsthand. In Paris, in Scotland, in many places CNN International is the only news source on the US that is available. Every hotel, airport, bar, or public space has it on. And foreign citizens soak it up like it’s fact. They have the completely wrong picture of our nation. So, Trump is right. CNN International is doing a poor job of representing us. They appear to hate their own country and most definitely they disrespect our President. But competition levels the playing field. So maybe the question is this; can we get a Fox News International out there? Or can we get some news outlet that at least tries to be objective in their reporting? Only time will tell. The field is wide open for anyone wanting to take a shot at it. Wouldn’t it be great if right now, someone was getting ready to launch just such a network? Keep on keeping on President Trump, don’t let the CNN International turkeys get you down. Maybe CNN will soon have a competitor. At least then it would be fair…and balanced.

Sonja Bochow

I live in Newark, DE, am married, and the mother of four children; Liam, Brenna, Keira and Erin. I am also a full time Bible teacher and have a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from West Chester University.

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