Expungement Summit

America in the age of “postracial” Obama and his moonbat minions is a great place to be anything but a Caucasian. It’s a particularly great place to be a black criminal:

Black males have higher rates of incarceration and of repeat offenses that land them back in jail or prison, statistics show.

Changing that dynamic could begin with expunging their criminal records.

That was the consensus of a discussion Thursday sponsored by the Gary Commission on the Social Status of Black Males in conjunction with the East Chicago-based group Working Outside the Walls and an alliance of grassroot activists. … Expunging the criminal records of juveniles and adults would help them find jobs and turn their lives around, said Bennie Muhammed, GCSSBM executive director.

Dorothy Brown, clerk of the Cook County (Ill.) Circuit Court, outlined how she has organized expungement summits across the state line.

“It’s important for all our communities because we all have the same problem,” she said.

That is, like the hellholes Gary and East Chicago, Chicago also has a problem with the astronomical crime rate inevitably produced by welfare’s destruction of the family and exacerbated by a popular culture that glorifies the “thug life.” Good thing they figured out how to solve it.

If expunging records doesn’t work, maybe they could try not prosecuting black criminals in the first place. Then hoodlums would be so grateful to the system that they wouldn’t commit any more crimes, but instead would devote their time to becoming dentists and accountants, right liberals?

Expunging this would be more effective at reducing crime.

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